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In the world of antivirus, the name ‘Norton’ is enough to lull a user into a sense of safety. Norton is the most well-known and trusted brand of software when it comes to cyber security and antivirus protection. The antivirus and anti-malware software is widely distributed by the Symantec Corporation. Each Norton software comes with its set of updated list of the latest viruses, malwares, and phishing protection. Norton has extended its services to a variety of operating systems and devices including Android phones, Windows, Linux, and Mac. With Norton in your PC and mobile phones, you can be assured to have a robust 100% protection.

The Norton antivirus constantly scans your systems to detect any unseen viruses. You can safely browse the internet without the fear of downloading any malicious links. In fact, Norton offers comprehensive security as it blocks access to suspicious WebPages. Hackers and thieves can be kept at bay using the beefed up security through Norton. The superior protection offered by Norton keeps you a step ahead of all online threats. Therefore, with Norton on your systems, you can be protected from a virus threat or any other online invasion that you would have been otherwise susceptible to.

How to buy Norton Product? Norton manufactures and sells a number of security products. Users can choose the Norton product according to their requirements. Norton products can be purchased online and offline. Online Medium
  • To buy the Norton product online, go to
  • Pick a product you want and click on purchase.
  • Complete the purchase by entering your details and making the payment.
  • After the purchase is successful, Norton will send an email containing the product key for the purchased product.
  • Keep the key safe because it will be required at the time of Norton account sign in and Norton product activation.
Offline Medium
  • Go to a Norton retail store
  • Select a Norton product and buy it.
  • A CD and a product key will be provided. The key will activate the Norton setup.
Steps for Norton Product Download Before proceeding to download or install Norton product, ensure that there is no other antivirus software running on your computer. Uninstall and remove any other versions of Norton product from your system. Follow these simple steps to download Norton setup:
  • Enter on your web browser
  • On the Norton home page, click on the Sign in button present on the top right corner of the home page.
  • Sign in using the email ID and password registered with Norton.
  • Go to signup if you are a new user and fill the form to create a new account.
  • New users will be given two options: Install on this device or install on other device.
  • Make appropriate selection and click on agree and download.
  • If you want to download more than one product then select that product and click Next.
  • If you want to install it on another device then click on send a download link.
  • Use the given link to download it on another device.
  • Wait for the download to complete.
Norton Product Installation
  • When the Norton Product software is successfully downloaded, the installation process will start.
  • File extraction will be initiated for the installation process.
  • Sometimes, the file extraction may not start automatically.
  • If the file extraction does not begin then go to the Toolbar and locate the Norton icon.\
  • Double click on the Norton icon to open it.
  • File extraction will start.
  • Wait for the extraction process to complete.
  • Once it is successful, a Norton License Agreement window will display on the screen.
  • Read the license agreement and click on “I agree.”
  • Confirm the installation options provided.
  • It is recommended that you go for the default installation option.
  • Click on Next if you want to continue with the installation process.
  • The installation will start.
  • Let the installation process complete. It will take 5-10 minutes, depending on the speed of your computer and the version of Norton product.
How to Activate Norton Product? Following are the steps to activate Norton Product purchased online:
  • Double click on the Norton icon to open the Norton Product.
  • Locate the Norton product key in your registered email address.
  • Enter the 25 digits Norton product key code in the box.
  • Click on Activate
  • Follow the on screen instructions to complete activation.
Here are the steps to activate Norton Product purchased offline:
  • Go to the activation page on the Norton website
  • Enter your 25 digits product key code.
  • Click on Sign in and the activation is successful.

If you still face any difficulty or error while installing, downloading, purchasing, or activating Norton product then the Norton support team will give you instant solution. Contact the Norton customer support to get timely assistance for Norton product related issues. The Norton support toll-free number is open 24/7 to provide quick and reliable troubleshooting solutions.

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